I’m not an Anna Kendrick superfan. I’m still not after reading her book. I do think she was quite good in Up in the Air and I enjoyed Pitch Perfect as well as a lot of her smaller indie projects like the ones she’s done with Joe Swanberg. I just wanted to put that out there first before talking about Scrappy Little Nobody because I’d like to praise it a bit.

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Comedy is hard. I will defend till my dying breath that it is much harder to make someone laugh than it is to make that same someone cry. As such, Kendrick very impressively made me literally lol several times with her book. Now, I listened to the audiobook (because if a celebrity is going to read their own writing to me I want to be a part of that ultimate exploitation of their celebrity. Yeah, I know what you were doing, Simon & Schuster), so that definitely added a lot to the writing that wouldn’t necessarily be there had I simply read it like a poor person that can’t afford Audible’s $14.95 a month pricetag. That being said, though, there were plenty of times that I thought the words as written were just funny. Like how Douglas Adams books are hilarious without hearing him read them out loud but why would you not want to listen to him read?

I learned a lot about Anna Kendrick that I didn’t know. None of it changes my opinion of her. I still think she sounds like a cool person that I think would get along really well with my fiancé. I think she went to great lengths to make us, the normal folk, realize that she, too, is normal folk. Sometimes it gets excessive, so that would be my one gripe with the book. I forgave it because usually any time she had one of those “I promise, I don’t think I’m a celebrity and let me prove it to you” moments, she had a one liner that landed utterly perfectly.

I don’t think I need to stretch this out any longer. I’ve made my point. It’s a fun book and you should listen to it if you can because, I mean, she’s a performer. She spent the time to record it in addition to writing it so might as well, right?